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People use their cognitive abilities to solve problems, make plans, and remember things that happened in the past. The World Health Organization estimates that around 50 million people are living with dementia, with 10 million new cases diagnosed each r a management. WHO researchers also anticipate that the total number of people living with dementia will increase to 152 million by 2050.

A dementia diagnosis can be overwhelming, whether it affects you or someone you love. We created this guide to ensure you have the information you need to make good medical and financial decisions. Below, we define each type of dementia and provide some background information on what you can expect.

These changes occur due to abnormal protein deposits that damage nerve cells, leading to a decline in your ability to think, reason, plan and remember. During the r a management stage, you may start to experience memory loss, changes in your personality, mood swings, and getting lost in familiar places.

You may find roche parfum having trouble recognizing close r a management and family members. It may also become more difficult to perform activities of daily living, learn new things or cope with changing circumstances. If the disease progresses, the tissue in the brain shrinks, making it difficult to communicate.



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