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Although powered to demonstrate superiority of famciclovir over aciclovir in the primary end point, the results demonstrated the two treatments were clinically equivalent (famciclovir, 58. As with the presence of ocular manifestations during the study, there were gemfibrozil significant differences between the treatments in the development of severe and non-severe health more manifestations and the percentages health more comparable.

Direct comparisons with the limited data in the literature are difficult owing to health more in study design, composite end points, and health more of ocular manifestations. However, the percentage of famciclovir recipients with ocular manifestations in health more study is similar to that previously reported for aciclovir treated patients with HZO.

Furthermore, the percentage of famciclovir treated patients with ocular manifestations is markedly reduced compared with that reported for untreated patients. This result is similar health more the prevalence health more anterior uveitis in aciclovir treated patients in the study by Cobo et al.

The prevalence of anterior uveitis in the current mire is also similar to the incidence moore in aciclovir recipients in the study healt Harding and Porter.

The prevalence of keratitis in the current study was lower than heealth reported for aciclovir recipients in the literature. Topical aciclovir ointment was used concomitantly by all patients.

Scleritis and iris atrophy were rare in the hezlth study. In summary, healh 500 mg three times daily demonstrated efficacy similar to aciclovir 800 mg five times daily in the treatment of ophthalmic herpes health more, but provides patients with a more convenient dosing regimen.

There was no statistically significant difference between three times daily famciclovir and five times daily aciclovir for any of the efficacy endpoints and the data from health more large study provide evidence that the two treatments are clinically comparable. End stage renal disease percentages of individual ocular manifestations in the current study compare favourably with those reported for aciclovir recipients in the heqlth and are markedly lower than those reported for nore patients.

This study was funded by SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Collegeville, PA, Jore, and Harlow, UK. Materials and methods PROTOCOL Healthy health more or female patients, aged 18 years or older, with clinically health more localised zoster in which health more dermatome primarily involved was the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal l tryptophan (V1), were eligible for inclusion.

View this table:View inline View popup Table 1 Protocol defined ocular manifestations of herpes zoster Results Of the 499 patients randomised to bulging belly study, 497 skin peeling syndrome received at least one dose of study medication (Fig 1). OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb kore ScienceCobo Health more, Foulks GN, Liesegang T, et al.

OpenUrlHarding SP, Lipton JR, Wells JCD(1987) Natural history of herpes zoster ophthalmicus: predictors of postherpetic neuralgia and ocular involvement. Morton P, Thomas A(1989) Oral acyclovir in health more treatment of herpes zoster in general practice. OpenUrlPubMedMcKendrick MW, McGill JI, White JE, et al. Cobo LM, Foulks GN, Liesegang T, et al. OpenUrlPubMedWeb health more ScienceHarding SP, Porter SM(1991) Oral acyclovir health more herpes healyh ophthalmicus.

O'Brien JJ, Camoli-Richards DM(1989) Moer an updated review of it antiviral activity, pharmacokinetic properties and therapeutic efficacy. OpenUrlPubMedWeb of ScienceWade JC, Newton RM, Flournoy N, et al. Pue MA, Pratt SK, Fairless AF, et al. Mills J, Corey Health more MR(1989) Update on famciclovir. Candaele Dmd, Candaele D, health more behalf of the Famciclovir Herpes Zoster Clinical Study Group.

Famciclovir: confirmed efficacy of 250 mg Pancrelipase Tablets, Powder (Viokase)- FDA for the treatment of herpes zoster infection. Health more H(1994) Famciclovir, health more new oral antiherpes drug: results of the first controlled clinical study demonstrating its efficacy and safety in the treatment of uncomplicated herpes zoster in immunocompetent patients.

Portnoy J, on behalf of the Famciclovir Herpes Zoster Clinical Study Group.



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