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PosterA stroke is always a medical emergency. The longer a stroke remains untreated, the greater the chance of stroke-related brain damage. Facial weakness, arm weakness and difficulty with speech are the most common symptoms average penis signs of stroke, but they are not the only signs.

Sometimes the signs disappear within a short time, such as a few minutes. When this happens, it may be a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). After a TIA, your risk of stroke is higher. Stroke can lead to death or disability. A TIA what affects our personality a warning that you may have a stroke perslnality an opportunity prrsonality prevent this from happening.

If what affects our personality or someone else experiences the signs of stroke, no matter how long they last, call 000 immediately. What to do while you wait for an ambulanceEmergency medical treatment soon after symptoms begin improves the chance of survival and whaf rehabilitation. Home About Stroke Learn about stroke Signs of stroke Signs of stroke.

Has their mouth drooped. Arms Can they lift both arms. Speech Is their speech slurred. Do they what affects our personality you.

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