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Comments by third parties are neither sponsored or endorsed by Bleacher Nation. Newsom's Fate Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email September 12, 20215:03 PM ET Heard on All Things Considered Gray Davis Biogen i On His Recall, As Californians Decide Gov. Gavin Newsom faces a recall election this week. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Gray Davis, who was removed as governor of California through a recall election in 2003.

We're turning to another big political fight now, one that's specific to California but still being watched around the country. On Tuesday, California voters will head to the polls to decide if Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom should be oxybutynin hcl from office.

It's the second time in the state's history that residents will vote to remove a sitting governor. The first was in 2003, when then Governor Gray Davis was successfully recalled only months after he was re-elected to a second term and oxybutynin hcl by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Then, as now, critics say the process is presented as democratic but is actually the opposite oxybutynin hcl too easy to start, too confusing to voters and too beholden to oxybutynin hcl interests.

Governor Davis is one of those critics. He says California's recall system is unfair because the ballot asks first if the governor should be recalled and second, who should take their place. If the governor doesn't get more than half the votes, then another oxybutynin hcl wins, even if that candidate wins fewer votes overall.

GRAY DAVIS: I do think oxybutynin hcl a oxybutynin hcl unfairness because as you inferred, this is a game of Russian roulette. The winner oxybutynin hcl No.

And that is just fundamentally unfair. And so I've suggested that policymakers oxybutynin hcl forward to - considering doing this. When there's a recall, OK, you have an unscheduled gubernatorial election. Just let everyone run on the same ballot. The governor runs, and everyone else runs. Whoever gets the most votes wins. If the governor doesn't get the most votes, he's oxybutynin hcl recalled. If he gets the most oxybutynin hcl, he can finish out his term.

MARTIN: Well, to that end, though, we should mention that recall attempts are common. Every California governor since 1960 has faced one, but this is only the second time that it's actually led to an election. So what do you say to people who say, well, you know what. The system's fine since recall attempts are common, but success is rare, so obviously something works OK.

DAVIS: Going oxybutynin hcl, I think with the advent of technology, it's so much easier to get the signatures than in oxybutynin hcl. I don't even know if we had telephones in 1911. We certainly didn't have the internet.

We didn't have social media. So it's infinitely easier to do oxybutynin hcl. But I'm not really worried about, you know, how many signatures you have to get to qualify it. I'm h1n1 against oxybutynin hcl up those requirements a little bit, given the ease with which technology allows you to gather the signatures today compared to 1911. MARTIN: It just seems that this is a moment in which people are starting to look again at the processes of elections and oxybutynin hcl government.

Obviously, you know, one of the big national stories is the moves by mainly - not exclusively, but mainly - Republican legislators to tighten access to the processes of voting - requiring more ID requirements, restricting others, you know, cutting down the number of days that people can vote, et cetera. That's a big sort of national story. I just wonder, is there an appetite, you think, among the public to think about this and to think about oxybutynin hcl this is really what they want.

Because it just - on the one hand, the mechanics of voting is kind of like, I don't know, the mechanics of anything else. Oxybutynin hcl, most people don't men1 to tinker under the hood. They just want to drive the car. So oxybutynin hcl there - do you sense an appetite after, like, all this is going on for people to think about do they really want this. DAVIS: The whole vetting process afraid of monsters truncated.

Again, you're not even aware there's a recall until the secretary of state certifies that the necessary signatures were gathered. So that's the first time you know that there is going to be an election. Then the candidates have oxybutynin hcl days to file, and the election is no more than 80 oxybutynin hcl after that.



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