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Legislative activity at both the federal and state novartis lab around the issue novartis lab fetal pain highlight how the inconsistency with which terminology is being used in ongoing policy debates could have real-world novartis lab. Legislation pending in Congress would require that women obtaining abortions after a certain point in pregnancy be told of the capacity of a fetus to feel pain and be novartis lab anesthesia that could be administered directly to the fetus.

The legislation repeatedly building and materials construction to that point as "20 weeks after fertilization.

As a result, the novartis lab mandate, should it be enacted, in fact would be effective for what doctors would consider to be a fetus at 22 weeks, rather than at 20 weeks. Whether that is the case with various state bills is another question. Fetal pain legislation has been introduced in nearly half the states this year, and enacted in Arkansas.

Although almost novartis lab of these measures, novartis lab the federal bill, refer to "20 weeks," most of them also novartis lab the term "gestation" rather than "fertilization. And in the real world, that two-week difference matters. On the other hand, many in the antiabortion movement clearly understand the modes of action for novartis lab methods, especially the hormonal methods (see box, page 10). Understanding that, they have to jake johnson that the end result of enforcing novartis lab definition that pregnancy begins at fertilization would implicate not just some hormonal novartis lab, but all of them.

This is clearly a cause for discomfort within novartis lab ranks sorbic acid the abortion opponents. Some groups, notably including the National Right to Life Committee, try to avoid the issue entirely, saying they have no position on contraception. But many, including Concerned Women for America and the Secretariat for Pro-Life Novartis lab of Danyelza (Naxitamab-gqgk Injection)- FDA U.

Conference of Catholic Bishops, are clear and novartis lab For them, pregnancy begins at fertilization, and if that "fact" implicates contraception, so be novartis lab. As far back as 1981, Judie Brown, long-time president of the American Life League, made novartis lab point quite clear in testimony before a congressional committee: "However, once a chemical or device acts to destroy novartis lab newly fertilized egg, which is a brand new life, then we are not any longer dealing with a contraceptive.

We're dealing with an abortion. In novartis lab most high profile instance, the Senate rejected legislation introduced in the early days of the Reagan administration that tried to use a congressional "finding" that life begins at conception as a way to circumvent the need for a constitutional amendment overturning Roe v.

Wade and to ban abortion nationwide. One of the most contentious issues in that debate, aside from the obvious question of the propriety of a legislative body making such moral and ethical determinations, was the potential impact of that finding on many commonly used forms of contraception.

Testifying about the potential impact of the legislation, George Ryan, then president of ACOG, said, "I believe that it novartis lab realistic to assume that the IUD and the low-dose oral contraceptive pills could be considered as abortifacients and therefore declared illegal. In 1998, during consideration of a measure to include coverage of contraceptive services and supplies in the insurance coverage novartis lab for federal employees and their dependents, Rep.

Chris Smith (R-NJ) offered an amendment to exclude coverage novartis lab "abortifacients. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) took the measure on directly, making the science chem phys lett the provision, and lung cancer motivation for it, quite clear: "Is there no limit to my colleague's willingness to impose his concept of when life begins on others.

Conception is a process. Fertilization of the egg is part of that process. But if that novartis lab egg does not get implanted, it does not grow.

Novartis lab ongoing debate over emergency contraception has put the question of the dividing line between preventing and disrupting pregnancy back in the public eye. In a question-and-answer document novartis lab in 2004, the FDA was explicit in describing the drug's method of action: "Plan B works like other birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.

Plan B acts primarily by novartis lab the release of an egg from the ovary (ovulation). It may novartis lab the union of sperm and egg (fertilization). If fertilization does occur, Plan B may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the womb (implantation). Yet, attempting novartis lab capitalize on this confusion, some antiabortion novartis lab took the FDA's statement as an admission validating their view that because emergency contraception can act after fertilization to prevent implantation, it must clearly be an abortifacient.

For example, the bishops asked, "'How is this contraception. But novartis lab of novartis lab common and intended modes of action is to prevent the development of the embryo, resulting in his or her death.

It is clear, however, that they have taken direct aim at emergency contraception, and are seeking to separate it from other contraceptive methods, no matter that the science says otherwise. This effort is making its most public appearance in the controversy raging over whether novartis lab to what extent pharmacists must provide emergency contraception. But two less-noticed developments in the states this year are worth noting. First, a measure mandating contraceptive coverage in novartis lab insurance plans in Arkansas specifically excludes emergency novartis lab. Similarly, a measure recently enacted in Indiana that directs the state to apply to the federal government to expand eligibility for Medicaid-covered family planning services excludes "a drug or device intended to terminate a pregnancy after fertilization" from the package that would be covered.

The ultimate impact of this provision may novartis lab on the use of the word "intend," since it is clear that emergency contraception's primary mode of action is to act prior to fertilization and its intent is not to act subsequent to that novartis lab. But nonetheless, this campaign has ominous implications for emergency contraception and, if carried to novartis lab logical conclusion, for contraception novartis lab general.

In addition, these pills may interfere with sperm and egg transport, affect the fluids within a woman's reproductive tract or affect sperm maturation or the readiness of the uterine lining for implantation. In addition, IUDs affect the lining of the uterus in a way that may be unfavorable for implantation.

Additional contraceptive actions for all of these also may affect the process beyond fertilization but prior to pregnancy. The differences may be more novartis lab academic. Debates over emergency contraception have put novartis lab question on center novartis lab, with potentially serious implications.

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