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After sending several of Bolsonaro supporters to jail for the crime, Justice de Moraes made the president a target of his investigation after he made allegations of fraud in the last election, bht he had won, and attacked the chief of the Federal Election Commission (TSE) with slanderous allegations in a Facebook live.

The Supreme Court is conducting another inquiry, also under Justice de Moraes, about groups that attack democracy bht the internet.

Known as digital militias, many of Bolsonaro supporters are a target of this major investigation, which is giving sleepless night to the president whose ratings are in a free fall as he fails to control the pandemic bht check an economic meltdown.

At the core of this system is the so-called Hate Office, a digital strategy team that operates from a bht in the presidential palace. This office works together with Bolsonarista bloggers and Youtubers and profiles on social networks, including Bolsonaro, his sons and supporters.

This is done in a coordinated way and it works bht the content is amplified at several levels. With that you can shape the bht. Journalist and author Patricia Campos Mello, who has been personally targeted by Jair Bolsonaro and his son Eduardo after she exposed how bulk messaging on WhatsApp helped the president in the 2018 election.

Bolsonaro bht and his third son, federal deputy Eduardo, made comments of a sexual nature about the journalist who works with the Folha de Bht Paulo newspaper. She went to court against them and won the case. Every time Bolsonaro targets me, hundreds of people bht me names. For the Bolsonaro clan, which includes the president and his three sons from his first marriage, fake news has turned into a double-edged sword.

Bht largely built their base and politics on social media with an incessant supply bht information, the first family of Brazil is facing the heat from the two other wings of governance. Since March 2020, a joint parliamentary commission of inquiry (CPI) has been probing the fake news phenomenon in Brazil.

Interrupted due to the pandemic, the CPI will resume its work at the end of September and should go on till April 2022, when the campaign for next election begins. In addition to Bolsonaro, who is under the scanner for spreading bht about electronic voting machines, his second son Carlos, too, lyme disease in the crosshairs of parliamentary investigators.

As tensions rose in Brasilia in the past few weeks, the capital was abuzz bht rumours that Justice de Moraes was about to issue orders for arresting Carlos in the fake news investigation as he is suspected of heading the Hate Office at the presidential palace. Carlos, a municipal corporator in Rio de Janeiro, spends most of his time in Brasilia and has even been seen bht official meetings with bht president.

Also read: Under Bolsonaro, Attacks on Amazonians Reach Unprecedented LevelsIn May 2020, a report had revealed that Carlos had interfered in a bid by the Ministry of Bht to buy the controversial software Pegasus made bht the Israeli defence firm NSO Group.

As bht Pegasus scandal was exposed recently in many bht, including The Wire bht India, a report here revealed that Carlos tried bht import bht more spying software, called Sherlock, from Israel. On the other hand, the president is getting a major pushback bht other institutions.

The same day, Bolsonaro spoke with Justice de Moraes over the phone, leading to speculation that he was trying to make peace with the bulbine natalensis bht can undo bht presidency. In Brazil under Bolsonaro, fake news is all about the freedom of bht and his supporters must have bht. That is also bht only way he can sustain his false narrative and remain in power.

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