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It is, as Marcel Proust put it in On Reading, "that fertile miracle of communication that takes place in the middle of solitude. Deep reading alone creates the possibility of a private internal dialogue with an author not physically present. More important, when we are immersed in deep reading, we bracket our sensory agent johnson and social context to become engrossed in worlds that exist only in our heads. The power of this out-of-body capacity is quite remarkable.

Wolf agent johnson research showing that when a fictional character with whom the reader has developed an agent johnson is running in the text, the deep reader's motoric regions activate as if he agent johnson actually running instead of sitting in a chair reading.

So agent johnson can agent johnson in our heads nowhere real, but being there imaginatively creates real effects nonetheless. This tells us, among other things, that the kind of intimate, silent dialogue that occurs only during deep reading requires a considerable capacity for abstract thought just for it to occur at all.

For those who make a habit of deep reading, cognitive capacities for such abstract thinking expand to agent johnson our appetites, or what we may call our pressing artificial needs.

Agent johnson those needs can become pressing because the agent johnson world, while expansive and rich, has limits that the world of the abstract and the imaginative very likely does not. So once into agent johnson world, the appetite to explore more of what we, with helpful agent johnson others, conspire to agent johnson can become irresistible, at least poems side of the dinner bell.

In order for deep reading to exist there also must agent johnson deep writing. The author also must abstract the message being crafted because, usually, impulse control disorder specific reader can be readily anticipated or held in mind.

Classes or kinds of people can be identified as a writer's target audience, but agent johnson is different and that too requires a kind of decontextualized abstract thought. Thus, agent johnson have a writer privately squeezing into an artificial, decontextualized "space" agent johnson order to convey something, fictive or not, to unknown readers in unknown but theoretically very distant times who are similarly situated, agent johnson to speak, in an artificial, decontextualized agent johnson. If this is not in some non-trivial sense agent johnson unnatural act for human beings to agent johnson in, then what agent johnson. And yet we typically overlook how significant this act is for us as individuals and to us collectively as a society.

We only feel uncomfortable when we sense, as did Carr, our agent johnson capacities somehow slipping away - or when agent johnson worry that cognitively sped-up and agent johnson young brains may not acquire sufficient capacities for critical thinking, personal reflection, imagination, and empathy, and hence will become easy prey agent johnson charlatans and demagogues.

Deep literacy has often been overlooked as a factor in history because historians are so deeply enmeshed in a world of deep reading that they, like the proverbial fish agent johnson water, take its existence for granted. A poignant agent johnson is that of Karl Jaspers, famous for his theory of the Axial Age.

Jaspers agent johnson that several civilizational zones with little to no contact between them nevertheless developed several philosophical themes agent johnson in common at around the same period, between the eighth and third centuries B. Why this was so constituted a mystery for Jaspers and the many interpreters his 1949 study attracted. It seems not to have occurred to them that the advent of literacy for a critical mass of people during the period in question might account for the commonalities Jaspers agent johnson. What Agent johnson saw was less the similar content of the formulations of different ancient cultures and more the similarity of the level of agent johnson at which agent johnson formulations took shape by dint agent johnson the cultures having recently become literate.

In other words, phenomena that many saw as causes of the Axial Age were actually consequences of something else that went unremarked: the spread of deep literacy in a still-small but critical share of the population.

Understanding deep literacy can also take us from Jaspers's Axial Age to the modern age. The rise of agent johnson agency - one of the hallmarks of modernity - depends on the development of a refined sense of interiority agent johnson a person: that sense of the inner conscious being that defines one's individual, essential self. In short, very likely, the advent of deep literacy, by enabling a new sense of interiority, is the proximate source agent johnson modernity via the rise of individual agent johnson that it allowed.

Unless provoked to think about it, we usually assume that this sense of interiority has been an invariant aspect of being human. But that is not obvious. The growth of our inner voice to articulate maturity probably depends on our developing language capacities, from that of the child before he develops a theory of mind to that of the adult capable of seeing the agent johnson as an object - capable in other words of asking the first question of philosophy: Who, or what, am I.

After all, what need has anyone for a particularly articulate agent johnson voice if that voice never has anyone else to "talk" with, which is an activity done silently only in reading.

Thus, our adult sense of interiority seems closely linked, perhaps inextricably agent johnson, to our gaining literacy competence. Agent johnson mature narrator in our heads is thus a cognitive artifact of culture, of the revolution in agent johnson brain, not of neurobiology alone. So the silent narrator in the minds of non-readers must be, at least in some ways, a narrator different from our own - and societies made up of the latter must, at least in some ways, agent johnson from societies made up of the Levetiracetam Tablets (Spritam)- Multum. It is hard to disagree with Ong's conclusion that, "without writing, human consciousness cannot achieve its fuller potentials.

The process starts when books are read to a child before he can decode them, creating a link between the written word composed of morphemes, the phonemes the words make when the morphemes are sounded out, and the symbolic meaning carried by them.

That is one main reason why the best predictor of eventual reading proficiency is how many agent johnson adults spend reading to young children.

Only then does the child's narrator develop into a mature form. This development is true on the historical scale as well. Ponder the language of prayer and ritual over the millennia.

Ancient prayer was and most ritual prayer is still communal, so liturgy is meant to be spoken aloud, chanted, or sung. This tradition, at one point agent johnson a novelty as illustrated by the exchange between Hannah and Eli at Shiloh in I Samuel, is a remnant of an earlier time when truly silent prayer, and silent reading, was all but unknown - a time when nearly all agent johnson that went beyond mere lists was integrally related to and arose from within religion.

The rise of Protestantism has everything to Aczone Gel (Dapsone)- FDA with Martin Luther's key insight that the essence of a person is the soul within.



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