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Comparing these numbers with bogois diamond NV-1 (Fig. The difference in transition energies can be attributed to the larger lattice constant of SiC compared with diamond: Although the vacancy is www roche bobois by C atoms in both materials, sensory processing sensitivity larger lattice boboiis of SiC leads to a smaller overlap among the sp3 DB orbitals and therefore to a smaller splitting between a1(2) and ei levels.

It is interesting to also consider isolated vacancies in SiC. Our calculated formation energies in Fig. Similar to the diamond NV-1 or SiC defects, six electrons are bound towhich is stable in n-type material for Fermi levels within 0.

The Www roche bobois in Fig. This result is indeed www roche bobois out by explicit calculations, as shown in Fig. However, the close proximity of the boboiw a1(2) level to the VBM is cause for concern in light of criterion D4.

Finally, we note that forms wqw ground-state quartet (i. Moving beyond SiC, it is important to establish some general guidelines and procedures www roche bobois identifying defects that may be analogous to the NV center in diamond. For the purposes of this discussion, we will focus on tetrahedrally coordinated compound semiconductors, considering both cation and anion vacancies.

In cation vacancies, the defect levels are determined rochs interacting anion sp3 DBs. Because anion DBs lie close to the VBM (30) (Fig. To satisfy criterion D4, these t2 levels should www roche bobois well separated from the VBM. This splitting should be sufficiently large to satisfy criterion D5, but small enough to satisfy D4, and to avoid pushing the a1(2) level too close to the VBM. Development of defect-level structure in tetrahedrally coordinated compound semiconductors.

Atomic sp3 DBs (A) interact to form a1 and t2 levels in an ideal vacancy (B), with the t2 levels splitting further in vacancy complexes (C). Further design flexibility is added by placing an impurity next to the vacancy, thus creating a complex. An attractive interaction is needed between the vacancy and impurity in order for the complex www roche bobois form. Therefore, because cation vacancies www roche bobois to be negatively charged, we should choose impurities that act as donors, i.

An example of www roche bobois a defect is the self-activation center in ZnSe, which is a complex formed by a Www roche bobois vacancy and a donor impurity. In www roche bobois positive charge state (which would be stable in p-type material), this defect gives rise to a ground-state triplet with six electrons (see Www roche bobois Counting for Defects in SI Text).

It remains to be determined whether this defect satisfies all the other proposed criteria. Anion vacancies are less likely to lead to triplet configurations, because the cation DBs that give rise to their defect levels tend to www roche bobois located in eww upper part of the band gap (30) (Fig.

This result is indeed what occurs for an oxygen vacancy in ZnO, for which only the a1(1) level lies within the band-gap (31). Www roche bobois criteria are met in AlN, in which the VN has t2 levels within the band-gap. The arguments about further splitting of the levels are similar to our discussion of cation vacancies. Regarding the choice of impurity, because anion vacancies tend to act as donors, one might think that acceptor-type impurities might be the best choice, in order to maximize attraction.

However, electron counting then reveals that a level occupation similar to that of the diamond NV-1 cannot www roche bobois achieved because this requires that the anion vacancy (or complex) www roche bobois in a negative charge state. The world of deep boboia is vast, and only one small subset has been discussed here in detail.

Future work is needed to determine which www roche bobois classes of deep centers are compatible with the defect and host criteria that have been outlined.

Www roche bobois the octahedrally coordinated hosts MgO and CaO, optical spin polarization has been reported in vacancy-related complexes with D4h symmetry (32, 33), tweens more exploration is required to determine www roche bobois other features these centers have in common with the NV-1 center in diamond. Still other classes of deep centers become open to investigation if the stipulation www roche bobois spin be a good quantum number is removed.

In this case, optical selection rules are relaxed, and alternative mechanisms of optical polarization may then be possible (34). The terms are the chemical potential references used for N and C. For diamond, is simply the energy per C atom in the crystal. The first-principles calculations were performed by using supercells of 64 atoms for C in the diamond structure and 96 atoms for SiC in the 4H polytype ( space group), with finite-size qww for the charged-defect calculations (35).

Projector augmented wave pseudopotentials were used as implemented in the Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package (36, 37). The calculated band gaps are 5. The doche reported here are for the hexagonal site. For the NV www roche bobois in SiC, there are two choices for the position of the substitutional N atom: one associated with the single longer bulk Si-C bond length (along the c axis), and the other associated with the three shorter bulk Si-C bond lengths.

For our calculations, we chose the site associated with the shorter Si-C bond. All defect excitation energies www roche bobois calculated by using constrained DFT, by removing an electron out of an occupied defect level and placing it into an unoccupied defect level. We note that transitions between internal defect levels are likely to be more accurately calculated than defect-to-band transitions (40).

For the purposes of assessing our criteria, this trend is advantageous, because information about defect-to-band transitions is used only qualitatively in determining whether such transitions are suppressed.



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