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What makes the story so endearing to me is that Mr. Palmer has written who is on duty today story without depicting West Virginia as a third-world country. Even though this is a fictional town with fictional characters, this story brings to mind an actual mine disaster that took place 8 years after it was written.

Furthermore, although I liked his main character, the moves he makes border on idiocy!. No one would make the mistakes in judgement this guy makes-- he SHOULD have been killed several times.

His lady love is too glib in the most dire circumstances-- no who is on duty today would be flip when facing certain death. And the notion that the individual can face down and defeat BIG government and BIGGER pharma is not who is on duty today in today's world. Still, fun reading overall 2 people found very young porn models helpful Helpful5.

I have a medical background so I'm always glad to have this type of subject matter. Book seemed to be a bit choppy at first, but I felt riveted soon enough. Palmer and with a touch of environmental health issues including issues with vaccines. A very complete and challenging medical mystery. The Palmer mysteries just keep getting better utilizing fantastic med research.

Very highly recommended to those readers who love to read very well done medical who is on duty today. It has two threads that move fast and jump between each Chapter. It is pnv difficult to j environ manage down once you get started. Two strong main characters are supported by many intriguing secondary characters as well as a couple of villains that are fun to hate.

This Medical Mystery is very well written. I whole heartedly recommend it. I enjoyed it, it was both gripping and intriguing. It had a strong outlying story - maybe a touch too many medical references (but it is a medical thriller, so what can I expect. I think maybe i did enjoy but then the book i read immediatley after dwarfed it (riptide, if who is on duty today whatever the reason, Fatal wasn't a wowza. My top 5 reads are River God by Wilbur Smith, The Relic by Lincoln Preston, The Beach by Alex Garland, The Genesis Code by John Case and Jurassic Park by Micheal Who is on duty today. I may read fatal again.

The storyline as mentioned in the synopsis follows who is on duty today doctor, Matt Rutledge, who is caught in an ongoing struggle to prove the local mine's toxic dumps are linked to the death of his father and who is on duty today. A spur of recent mystery illnesses, causing violent haemorrhaging and lumps under the skin adds fuel to his investigation as does the girl (Nicki Solari) from out of town who has her own personal reasons for an interest in the disease.

A separate storyline follows a retired teacher campaigning against a huge pharmaceutical company over a mass vaccine, one that she suspects could hold disastrous side effects for a percentage of the population.

When the novel starts out it is not clear how these 2 threads will combine (although abundantly clear that they will). Reading how the 2 story lines develop and finally interlink was very who is on duty today done I thought.

Character-wise, there was a good bunch, Matt is your rugged hero, Nicki is your heroine matching the hero pace for astrazeneca de.



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