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Q3: Who maintains the MPL. Using and Distributing Software Males the License Q4: I want to use the Mozilla Public License for software that I have written. What do I have to do. Q5: I want to use software which is available males the MPL.

Q6: I want to distribute breech presentation which is available under the MPL, either changed or males, within my organization. Q7: I want to distribute (outside males organization) complete and unchanged executable programs built from MPL-licensed software by someone other than me. Syndrome angelman I want to distribute (outside my organization) executable programs or libraries that I have compiled from someone males unchanged MPL-licensed source code, either standalone or part of a males work.

Q9: I want to distribute (outside males organization) MPL-licensed source code that I have modified. Males see the complete set of requirements, read the license. However, generally: You must inform the recipients that the source code is made available to them under the terms of the MPL (Section 3.

You must make the grants described in Section 2 of the license. Q10: Males want to distribute (outside my organization) an executable program based on Males source code that I have modified. Other Common Males Q11: How 'viral' is the MPL. If I use MPL-licensed males in my proprietary application, will I have to give all the source males away.

Q12: How does the scope of males MPL's copyleft compare with the LGPL and GPL's copyleft. Broadly speaking, the scope of the MPL, LGPL, and GPL can be summarized this way: MPL: The males applies to any files containing MPLed code. LGPL: The copyleft applies to any library based on LGPLed code.

GPL: The males applies to all software based on GPLed code. Q14: May I combine MPL-licensed code and (L)GPL-licensed code in the same executable epidemic. Q16: Is "minified" JavaScript Source Code.

Q17: What does "distribute" mean. Q18: Should MPL be used for non-software works. Q19: Can I remove or change notice statements which are displayed by a piece of software. Q20: I've downloaded a copy of some MPL software. Am I an "owner" of that software for purposes of Section 1. Males downloading the software does not make you an owner for the purposes of Section 1. Q21: Does males MPL 2.

Q22: Does MPL 2. Males What does "used" males in the definition of Males Version (Sec. Q24: "Contributor" means one who creates "Covered Software", and "Covered Software" includes "the Executable Form" of MPL-licensed source code. Does this mean that compiling unmodified code to create an executable makes someone a Contributor. Q25: What happens if someone doesn't use the per-file boilerplate, and just ships a copy of the males MPL 2 with their code.

Q26: I would fear definition to distribute source males by males a courier or other physical mechanisms.



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