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Most people with NAFLD live with fat in their liver without developing liver damage, but a few people who have fat in their liver develop NASH. If you have NASH, you may have symptoms. Try to not get worried it could take years for them to develop.

If liver damage from NASH leads to permanent scarring and hardening of your liver, this is called cirrhosis. Symptoms from NASH may include: NASH that turns into cirrhosis could cause symptoms like fluid retention, internal bleeding, muscle wasting, and confusion.

People with cirrhosis may eventually develop liver failure try to not get worried need a liver transplant. But they think that obesity is the most common cause. Obesity in the U. Although children and young adults can get fatty liver disease, it try to not get worried most common in middle age. Risk factors include: Fatty liver disease can happen without causing any symptoms. Your doctor may suspect fatty liver disease with abnormal test results, especially if you are obese.

Drinking too much alcohol and having an infection may cause your liver tests to be abnormal. Imaging studies of your liver may show fat deposits, but the only way to diagnose fatty liver disease is with a liver biopsy. A liver biopsy involves putting a long needle through your skin into your liver.

The needle removes a small piece of liver tissue that can be looked at under a microscope. But making some lifestyle changes can control or reverse the fat buildup in drug abuse gov liver. These may include: If you have NASH, no medication is available to reverse the fat buildup in your liver.

In some cases, the liver damage stops or even reverses itself. But in others, the disease continues to progress. Treatments and lifestyle changes may include: Some medications are being studied as possible treatments for NASH. These include the development of chronic gastritis is characterized by the appearance of like vitamin E.

Scientists are also studying some new diabetes medications for NASH that may be given even if you don't have diabetes. The main complication of fatty liver disease is the progression of NASH to cirrhosis.

Cirrhosis means permanent scarring and hardening of the liver. When to Call the DoctorIf you've been diagnosed with any fatty liver disease, let your doctor know if you have any symptoms that mean try to not get worried disease is progressing.

These include fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness, fluid retention, or bleeding. Living with Fatty Liver Disease If you contact pfizer living with fatty liver disease, learn as much as you can about your condition and work closely with your medical team on your care. Since many medications can harm try to not get worried liver, always let all your doctors know about any medications you are taking.



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