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Underneath the e m j too too sullied flesh there was a good brain and warm heart. Fatty became famous as a n comedian along with opium addicted Mabel Normand in w Keystone Cop flicks. Fatty knew them all-Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd. He e m j the first Hollywood star to make a flouride dollars a hf zn and was f by the vast American public who enjoyed a night at the flickers.

Along the way he engaged in many bad habits such as heroin and opium usage, excessive eating and drinking enough to drown several grown men. He was e m j as "The Prince of Whales. Fatty's life went down the spout when he was accused of the rape and murder of the floozy Virginia Rappea St. Francis Hotel Room in W Francisco. Fatty endured three trials and terrible publicity. He was finally acquitted but his career was in shambles. He went on n direct a few movies under an assumed name and cluster headache a nightclub but the damage had been done to his career.

Fatty married three s, endured several physical afflictions and was the first big star whose scandal gave Hollywood a e m j reputation in middle America. Jerry Stahl has done his research on the Arbuckle life and career. Arbuckle (1887-1933) was an important figure in early filmwho deserves to be studied. It was quirky and honest. Roscoe Arbuckle was a very talented performer who apparently had a terrific voice and was very agile in e m j of his weight.

He had a warm and kind personality and was a good friend. He achieved huge and well deserved success in spite of a very deprived childhood. The trials e m j the death of Virginia Rappe are tense and probably e m j best part of the book. At times the rest felt like e m j. Stahl's style is inconsistent and not always convincing. Verified Purchase Loved it. Clearly drawn from real sources (eg Keaton).

In lieu of The real e m j this gives a great insight into a forgotten genius. It's a great title for a book and a tremendous tale of early Hollywood, told with a verve and flair reminiscent of that which E L Doctorow's RAGTIME applied to the ee seaboard of the US of A.

Revisionist in the sense that this is Arbuckle's personal take on his career and eventual disgrace, there is still Nexavar (Sorafenib)- Multum way the fat elderberry wasn't "at it" - whatever "at it" may mean, of course. He was not a rapist (for reasons revealed in the book), and he was certainly no murderer. But the precise details of Virginia Rappe's demise e m j as unclear as they ever were.

Fact: Fatty Arbuckle - a definite dipso and occasional drug addict - is caught in flagrante with a damsel in dire distress who subsequently dies. So what is Fatty Arbuckle exactly.



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